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The platform for competitive two-player board games. Online and mobile-friendly. Everything here is free, no ads or hidden fees. We created this because we love board games. The community of Pulse Games players is awesome and friendly! Contact us with any questions or feedback. Enjoy, and hope to see you in the league!

Compete head-to-head against other skilled players with the Pulse Matchmaker

Pulse Games Matchmaker

The Pulse MatchMaker is an algorithm designed to match players of similar skill to compete against each other. Each game is created automatically, so all you need to do is open the app -- and win. To learn more about how it works, check the Matchmaker FAQ.

Rank higher in the Pulse Seasonal League

Pulse Games LeagueAll players start in the Bronze Division and win their way to the Master Division. Each division offers unique badges. To learn more about the Pulse Divisions, check the Division System FAQ.

Play competitively and climb the Pulse Leaderboard

Pulse Games Leaderboard